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Dr. Eileen Borris

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Dr. Boris addresses the United Nations General Assembly
Click here to watch Dr. Borris speak at the United Nations General Assembly 13, September 2012.

Latest Developments

Dr. Borris spoke at the 128th plenary meeting of the General Assembly at the United Nations on "Forgiveness and the Healing of Nations."

Dr. Borris went to Kigali, Rwanda to speak at a conference on "Healing the Wounds of History" and to set up "Schools of Forgiveness."

Dr. Borris gave a keynote and workshop on forgiveness at Friends University, Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. Borris gave a keynote and workshop for the Texas Health Association, Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Borris was a speaker/facilitator for the "Healing Wounds of History" conference in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr. Borris began to develop "Schools of Forgiveness" in Jos, Nigeria, a project sponsored by IDLO.

Dr. Borris designed and facilitated a conflict resolution program for Tibetans in Bangalore, India.

Dr. Borris spoke on "Forgiveness and the Healing of Nations" at the United Nations for the 55th Session on the Committee on the Status of Women.


Have you ever wondered why some people or certain groups of people
can forgive and reconcile while others can not?

Do you wonder if the cycle of violence or
major conflicts in the world can ever be resolved?

Is there something in your life that you find unforgiveable?

Click to watch Dr. Borris
speak on forgiveness
We can all agree that the violence and war in this world needs to stop. We know that letting go of our anger and bitterness is one way of getting there. There are many myths about resolving conflict, forgiveness, and letting go that people, work places and even countries get stuck. This site is dedicated to doing the healing necessary so that we don't repeat the same wars and where we finally can get to the place where you can forgive.

Dr. Eileen Borris is on the forefront of forgiveness in highly volatile situations. As a political psychologist Dr. Borris has helped to build the bridge to forgive conflicts which have spanned centuries. As a psychologist in private practice and a consultant, educator and trainer in the field of international conflict resolution, forgiveness and reconciliation Dr. Borris builds bridges between people and groups mired in anger and unresolved issues. She has dedicated her life to helping people find peace and she will tell you that it is not in the place you think it is.

If you are a government, foreign ministry, nongovernmental organization, church or civil society organization needing help in developing and implementing programs in conflict resolution, multi-track diplomacy, and/or forgiveness healing and training programs please contact Dr. Borris. You are invited to send a brief email to and she will be more than welcome to assist you in any way she can. Please don' wait one more day.

Finding Forgiveness

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